"Amazing! So easy to work with"

Soul Family needed to promote their products on social media. Specifically the aim was to reach new customers with lead generation. The video needed to be mobile responsive, so while shooting we were thinking of how this was going to be viewed. We were able to call in our acting contacts, and finished the shoot in a day.

We also provided high quality stills from the video, giving Soul Family more online content with no extra cost. We loved working with Felicia, the owner of Soul Family, and still use the keep cups she gave us every day!

Shepherdess NZ

Trudy Hales

Trudy's inspiring story and efforts around sustainability were written about in Shepherdess's last issue, but her story also deserved a film.


Benny Gets a Coffee at Level 3

Showcasing the use of a reusable keep cup during lockdown level 3, produced to engage people on social media.

Palmy's Plastic Pollution Challenge

Palmy's Plastic Pollution Challenge

This is an important story we wanted to help communicate.

Marist Sports Club

Marist Sports Clubroom Promo

A responsive, social media optimised promotional video.

Kimbolton Sculpture Festival

Kimbolton Sculpture Festival

We captured one of the largest rural sculpture festivals in NZ.

Finn Dollimore

70 Second Portfolio

The most effective type of portfolio - a video.

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