"Outdid our expectations, very happy!"

Achsah Stewart - Marketing

The story

Emma Jane’s were looking to advertise a new product range to their top clients. They wanted a video to showcase their new lineup of products. It was the wake of lockdown, and the food industry was struggling. Despite this, we were able to produce quality content, and a live stream. We produced a video that highlighted the beauty of the products.

We live streamed the launch of the video, also allowing Emma Jane's team to discuss their catalogue further and get feedback from their clients. Working with Jared and Achsah was a blast, and the crew enjoyed cleaning up the display stand after the shoot!

Other projects

Shepherdess NZ

Anna Flowerday

We told the story behind Te Whare Ra Winery in Marlborough for Shepherdess NZ.


Music Video

Dilz wanted to bring a very personal song of his to the screen, here's the video we produced for 'Resurrection'.

Palmerston North City Council

Public Talk

We used a multi-cam setup to capture this program of talks, so they could be engaged with online.

Palmerston North City Council

Land Development

The cultural and environmental significance of this ancient piece of land, Marae Tarata, need to be communicated to the public.

Kimbolton Sculpture Festival

Artist Profile

Immersing an audience in the process of sculpture making, and the artist's story.

Soul Family

Product Advertisement

On this project, we helped empower Soul Family to grow their product awareness on social media with video content.

Shepherdess NZ

Annie Chambers

A personal look at the life story of an incredible woman. As their first video, this reached over 230k viewers for Shepherdess Magazine

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