Kia ora, I'm Charlie, founder and lead content creator at Runner Films.

I’ve loved filmmaking since I was a kid. I loved the challenge of visually investing people in a story, and working with a creative team to accomplish it.

Despite being behind the camera, the production crew is all over the final product, that's why it’s so important to have the right people. I’m proud of the network of creatives we’ve built up here, and of the unique content we’ve been trusted to produce.

Ps: I like americano’s and meeting people, so say when and I’ll shout the coffee.

So, why runner?

A runner is someone who gives all their energy. We’re passionate about every project we take on.

A runner is someone who brings coffee for the producer, we'll always stay connected to where we came from.

The Runner Films mission is to combine fresh styles of video content with genuine, human storytelling.

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